Scavenger Hunt FAQ

Welcome to the 2020 Leon County Historical Scavenger Hunt!

Instructions / Edit & Review / Offline Use / Updates / Additional Help

Quick Tips:

  • Use the map to help navigate to the historical markers. Once you have arrived, tap the marker icon, and hit "Next Step" to launch the survey question for the marker.
  • Note that you do not have to create an account to access the question, but can simply continue without logging in.
  • Follow the instructions to select your team name, your marker, and your answer to the question.
  • Once you have submitted your answer, return to the map to navigate to the next marker.
  • For your convenience we suggest you either
    Add to home screen
    Icon on home screen
  • For technical assistance please email
  • A link to this webpage is in the survey application. See Additional Help Step 4 for a graphic.
  • The map will have the tips on a "splash screen". Check "Do not show this splash screen again" in the bottom left corner if you do not want the instructions to come up every time you open the map.

The Working Well Corporate Cup Challenge is partnering with Leon County to offer the scavenger hunt for the Public and registration is ongoing. This event runs from October 17th to October 31st You have this timeframe to visit as many of the way markers you choose. They do not have to be completed in order or all in one day. You can take the full amount of time without penalty.

Make sure location services are on for your phone.

To begin visit:

A splash page overview will appear. You can have the page come up every time you open the map or you can click Do not show this splash screen again to only view it once.

The Scavenger Hunt Map

Press the Find Me icon to zero in on your location.

Your location will appear as a blue dot.

It is time to set out and begin your journey.

The Find Me function locks in on your location. If you need to see the map of the city tap the icon again to release your coordinates and pan / zoom. To lock back on to your coordinates just press the Find Me icon again.

Your Location

As you get closer to a marker you can continue to press the Find Me icon to view your relationship to the marker.

Your Relationship to a Marker

Once you have arrived at a marker click on the map pin that represents the marker. A black box will appear. Press the right facing arrow.

Log Your Entry

The screen will show the name of the marker you have found. Press the Next Step button to log your information.

Press the Next Step button

The first point you access will download the Survey 123 form to your phone.

Survey 123 Download

Every point after that will not need to download the survey. It will be saved to the application on your phone and automatically launch into the survey.

Survey 123 Pt. 2

Continue without signing in.

An Account is Not Needed

If prompted, allow Survey 123 to take pictures and record video.

Allow Photo Access

If prompted, allow survey 123 to access the devices location.

Allow Location Access

Find your name or your teams' name.

The list is in alphabetical order but auto-populate is enabled for your convenience.

If you do not see your teams name Contact Us

Input Team Name

Take a photo of your team at the marker.

Get as close to the marker as possible. We will be collecting the location data from your photo.

By uploading photos you are giving Leon County CMR permission to use these photos for the promotion of the scavenger hunt which can include online, on social media, or through internal emails.

Team Photo

Your device location must be enabled.

It is very important you first press the location icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then press the camera icon to take the photo.

Camera Instructions

Choose the Marker.

Auto-populate is enabled for your convenience.

Populate the Question

A question re the marker will appear.

Choose the best answer.

Choose the Marker

Many of the answers will be on the way maker.

Press the check at the bottom right corner of the page to submit this information. The photo will become part of the social media campaign for this event and your answers to the questions will be uploaded to the cloud and graded.

Answer the Question

Once your questions have been submitted you will be taken to the home page. Press the circle that is located on the bottom in the middle of the page to return to the map and either continue or stop for the day.

Return to the Map
Edit & Review

To review your entries press the Sent button on the home page.

Review Entries

Map View

Choose the Map icon.

Map View

Map View

A map with your recorded points will be displayed.

Use the menu to assist in your review:

  • 1. Choose a Basemap
  • 2. Zoom In
  • 3. Go Home
  • 4. Return to the Default Scale
  • 5. Zoom Out
  • 6. Home in on Your Location
Map View Menu

List View

The sent area defaults to the list view.

Press the ellipse for further options.

List View

List View

List view has a navigation option to allow you to easily revisit where you have been via Google maps. You can also delete your entry from the phone (it will not effect your entry in the cloud) and access the basemaps.

List View Navigation

List View

Navigation with Google Maps is only available after you have found the marker. You can use this feature to revisit the markers.

Navigation Help

To adjust an entry click on the point that is displayed in Step 2 or the row displayed in Step 4. This will take you back to your submitted survey where you can make the necessary adjustment and resubmit by pressing Edit and resend.

 Adjust an Entry

This will take you back to your submitted survey where you can make the necessary adjustment and resubmit by pressing the checkmark in the lower right corner.

Offline Use

If you find yourself in an area without cell service, you can check if you still have location available by pressing the satellite icon.

Check for Satellites

This will bring up your location status. Even if this page is blank you can still make your entry and save it to the Outbox.

Save to Outbox

You can access your offline entries via the Draft folder. Once you have service open your draft folder and submit your entries.

Draft Folder

If an update to the Survey 123 application is needed you will be alerted in the available update section.


Select update Survey and the application will take care of the rest.

Update Pt.2
Additional Help

Review the step by step instructions [above]

Have a question, comment or issue? Contact Us

A printable version of the instructions is available for [ download ]

Remember, you can access this page in the field via the app

Help Link

To quickly review where a team has been visit the following: [Team Progress Map]

Please note this is ONLY to be used to see where a team has been. This does not reflect the team with the most points.

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