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Florida A & M UniversityFounded in 1887 as the State Normal College for Colored Students, FAMU is the only historically state supported educational facility for African Americans in Florida. [Click to begin tour]
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Heritage NeighborhoodsYour journey into the history of Downtown Tallahassee begins here
  • Smoky Hollow
  • Myers Park
  • Calhoun St
  • Park Ave
  • Los Robles
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1883 Tax Cadastral Map1883 Tax Cadastral Map of Leon County, FL. A cadastral map shows the extent, value and ownership of land. [Click to begin tour]
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Names Faces and PlacesThis web app is a collection of notable names from the local area. Oftentimes these names are found on street signs, buildings and open spaces. [Click to begin tour]
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A Glimpse Into The PastFollow a trail of historic photographs depicting the Tallahassee & Leon County area. [Click to begin tour]
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Historical RailroadsSeveral historical rail lines converged in Tallahassee. Tallahassee had a freight depot, a passenger rail station and a maintenance yard. [Click to begin tour]
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Indigenous PeoplesIndigenous peoples & Colonial Spain in Leon County Florida. [Click to begin tour]
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Way MarkersFollow a photo trail of Leon County's Historical Way Markers. [Click to begin tour]
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"Swipe" Map Collection Compare two years of aerial imagery side by side by using a comparison map or "swipe" tool. [Click to review years]