Richard Keith Call Thumbnail
Richard Keith Call Territorial Governor of Florida and Aide to Andrew Jackson during the Creek Indian War. [Click to begin tour]
Defenders of Democracy Thumbnail
Defenders of Democracy Highlighting some of the many African-American soldiers that served in the United States armed services. [Click to begin tour]
For Names Sake
For "Names" SakeThis web app is a collection of notable names from the local area. [Click to begin tour]
The Unconquered
The UnconqueredThe Indigenous people of Florida [Click to begin tour]
Maroon Community Thumbnail
Maroon Communities Maroons are descendants of Africans in the Americas who formed settlements away from slavery. They often mixed with indigenous peoples, eventually evolving into separate creole cultures such as the Garifuna and the Mascogos. [Click to begin tour]
FAMU Thumbnail
Florida A & M UniversityFounded in 1887 as the State Normal College for Colored Students, FAMU is the only historically state supported educational facility for African Americans in Florida. [Click to begin tour]
Omega Lamplighters Thumbnail
Self-Guided ToursTours include historical residences, or sites where a famous event took place or widely known people lived. Take a look at our New walking tour of Fort Braden! [Click to review tours]
Myers Park Thumbnail
Heritage NeighborhoodsYour journey into the history of Downtown Tallahassee begins here
  • Smoky Hollow
  • Myers Park
  • Calhoun St
  • Park Ave
  • Los Robles
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Historical Maps Thumbnail
1883 Tax Cadastral Map1883 Tax Cadastral Map of Leon County, FL. A cadastral map shows the extent, value and ownership of land. [Click to begin tour]
Names Faces and Places Thumbnail
Names Faces and PlacesThis web app is a collection of notable names from the local area. Oftentimes these names are found on street signs, buildings and open spaces. [Click to begin tour]
A Glimpse Into The Past Thumbnail
A Glimpse Into The PastFollow a trail of historic photographs depicting the Tallahassee & Leon County area. [Click to begin tour]
Historical Railroads Thumbnail
Historical RailroadsSeveral historical rail lines converged in Tallahassee. Tallahassee had a freight depot, a passenger rail station and a maintenance yard. [Click to begin tour]
Indigenous Peoples Thumbnail
Indigenous PeoplesIndigenous peoples & Colonial Spain in Leon County Florida. [Click to begin tour]
In Remembrance Of Thumbnail
"In Remembrance Of"Let's celebrate the local community by acknowledging their efforts and achievements in the time of old. [Click to begin tour]
waymarker Thumbnail
Way MarkersFollow a photo trail of Leon County's Historical Way Markers. [Click to begin tour]
Women In History Thumbnail
Women's HistoryWomen’s History Month is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society and has been observed annually in the month of March in the United States since 1987. [Click to begin tour]
Tallahassee Then and Now swipe Thumbnail
"Swipe" Map Collection Compare two years of aerial imagery side by side by using a comparison map or "swipe" tool. [Click to review years]