Matching Game

Rules of the Matching game

One Player

The player clicks to turn over two cards:

  • If the cards do not match (it is not a pair), they will flip back over
  • If the two cards match, it is a pair! Now, try again

Race against the clock to find all of the matching pairs before time runs out.

More Than One Player

The player with the least amount of flips in the allotted time wins.

To delve deeper into the captivating narratives behind these images, simply click on the name below. There, you will find additional information, anecdotes, and contextual details that bring these historical snapshots to life. Uncover hidden gems, unravel the tapestry of the past, and immerse yourself in the captivating history of Leon County.

Aquilina Howell

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Aquilina Howell attended Lincoln High School in the early 1930s and graduated from the all-black Lincoln High in 1934. She later graduated from Florida A&M with a bachelor's degree in social studies in 1938, took a master's degree in guidance from New York University and did additional graduate work at Boston University. She went on to become a teacher and administrator in Leon County for 43 years and was the first black woman to serve as an assistant superintendent in Leon County. Howell helped desegregate Leon County schools and was known for being able to forge a consensus among disparate groups. She is credited with smoothing the way during the transition to integrated schools in Florida. The school system's Instructional Services Center on West Pensacola Street was named for Howell in 1995.

Congressman Josiah T. Walls

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Congressman Josiah Thomas Walls served from March 4, 1871 to January 29, 1873 and then again from March 4, 1873 until April 19, 1876.

Governor William D. Bloxham

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William D. Bloxham served twice as Governor. First as the 13th Governor from January 4, 1881-January 6, 1885 and then as the 17th Governor from January 5, 1897 until January 8, 1901.

Lewis Lively

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Born on August 22, 1875. In 1937 he established the Lively Vocational School (later Technical Center) in Tallahassee, Florida with the hope that the vocational school would provide individuals with the education and training needed to obtain gainful employment and earn a living. Lewis M. Lively died in 1954.

Prince Achille Murat

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Eldest son of the King of Naples and Caroline, sister of Napoleon Bonaparte. Known as the Prince of Tallahassee.

June Strauss

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Served on the founding Board of Directors of LeMoyne Art Foundation, which incorporated the arts and social communities through cultural activities.

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