Corporate Cup Challenge Scavenger Hunt

The Next Adventure Awaits! What stories will you find when you hold #HistoryinyourHands?

The Working Well Corporate Cup Challenge is partnering with Leon County to offer the scavenger hunt for the Public and registration is ongoing.

Individuals and teams will compete to score the most points by correctly answering questions on historic way markers and visiting the most sites.

While using the app, you can easily visit locations solo or enjoy socializing in small groups with those you are already exposed to (like family, friends or coworkers)-- just be sure to keep your social distance! The Historical Scavenger Hunt will allow you to:

  • Enjoy fitness in a new way
  • Explore the interesting history of our local area
  • Spend family time in a healthy and educational way
  • Break the lunchtime rut with a quick walk in the cool fall air
  • Upload photos to showcase all the great places you've been

The Historical Scavenger Hunt will begin on October 17th. Click below to register.

The competition is open to the The Public. Don't miss out on a safe and fun activity, register today!

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Public Registration
Public RegistrationThis event is open to the public. [Click to Register]
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Photo FeedParticipants with the most photos will earn the bragging rights re their mapping prowess! [Click Here]

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