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We offer various methods for viewing and downloading data via the Tallahassee - Leon County GIS Geodata Hub. This platform is for exploring and downloading GIS data, discovering and building apps, and engaging others to solve important issues. You can analyze and combine datasets using maps, as well as develop new web and mobile applications.

You can browse all of our popular mapping applications via the Map Gallery. Simply click on an app to launch it in a new browser tab. To get a brief description of the app's functionality, hover over an app's thumbnail image.


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In a Geographic Information System (GIS), metadata, or more simply 'data about data', describes the content, quality, history, format, and usability of spatial data. View more »


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Map Gallery

Our comprehensive map and application gallery can be found here.  View more »

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Geodata Hub

This site provides access to the TLCGIS spatial and non-spatial data. Data can be previewed in the map and downloaded.Geodata Hub ».